‘Waste material’ found in fuel tanks of ready-for-delivery 737 MAX planes

Exact nature of the waste is not specified

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has discovered a fault in the 737 MAX model again. Waste material has been found in fuel tanks of devices that are ready for delivery. Boeing calls that “absolutely unacceptable” and has promised to solve the problem immediately.

It is the umpteenth setback for the 737 MAX, which has been on the ground for almost a year after two aircraft were crashed. In those crashes, in Ethiopia and Indonesia, 346 people died.

It is not entirely clear what the ‘waste material’ is. Boeing makes no statements about this; according to some media, this is a tool that has been left behind during manufacture.

It is also unclear how many devices the ‘waste’ was discovered. In total, around 400 aircraft of the 737 MAX type are waiting for delivery to airlines. They are all now being inspected.

The 737 MAX has long been the concern child of Boeing. The fatal crashes were found to be caused by software errors in the operating system. The US aviation authority then revoked the license for the aircraft.

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