Oops, Russia did it again

Russia, it's always Russia

Russia wants to get involved in the upcoming US presidential election. The Russians are ‘trying to secure the re-election of President Trump’. That ‘hard warning’ comes from the American intelligence services. But Trump doesn’t want to know. He is furious about the message and calls it a “hoax” of the Democrats. He even fired his head of the intelligence services.

The warning came during a closed meeting of the Intelligence Services conference committee. According to the intelligence services, Russia is trying to influence the Democratic primaries in addition to the presidential election.

Republicans protested during the meeting. Trump’s allies in the House of Representatives stated that Trump was tough on Russia.

Trump reacted furiously to the conclusions of his own intelligence services. Via Twitter, he claimed that it is a conspiracy of Democrats who want to use this information against him in the campaign. Via Twitter he dismissed the conclusions of his own intelligence services as major nonsense.

Trump has repeatedly stated in the past that he does not believe that Russia joined the presidential election in 2016. He points to Ukraine. This goes against the conclusions of the American intelligence services. The Mueller report also concluded that Russia, rather than Ukraine, was structurally trying to manipulate the elections.

The day after the meeting, Trump fell for the director of the intelligence services, Joseph Maguire. The president thought the meeting should never have taken place. Trump was particularly angry that Adam Schiff, one of the leaders of the Impeachment team of the Democrats, was present at the meeting.

In the past, Trump was still enthusiastic about Maguire, but this week he suddenly sent him out. The retired admiral will be replaced by the current ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell. However, he has hardly any experience with intelligence services and is seen as a clear Trump loyalist.

Democrats are therefore afraid that his appointment will make it harder to discuss potential Russian interference in the White House.

Because Grenell is designated as a temporary replacement, his appointment does not have to be approved by the Senate. Trump has various options for a permanent successor. The ambassador to the Netherlands, Pete Hoekstra, is also mentioned for the position.

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