Taliban won the Afghan war, literary

Thus, Taliban is a friend once again

The Taliban have signed an agreement with the United States on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. This brings the end of the longest military intervention in American history into view.

The US and NATO forces will withdraw from Afghanistan within fourteen months, provided that the Taliban adheres to the terms of the agreement. For example, the movement must prevent violence against the US and their allies, including by the al-Qaeda terror group.

“Today is a memorable day for Afghanistan,” says the US representation in Kabul.

The United States and the Taliban met this morning in Qatar. In a chic hotel in the capital city of Doha, the Americans talked to 31 Taliban representatives, some of whom were imprisoned in the US military prison Guantanamo Bay.

Prior to the meeting, both parties put three demands on the table. For the Taliban these are withdrawing US troops, early release of Taliban prisoners and Afghanistan becoming an Islamic caliphate.

And the US wants the Taliban to publicly distance themselves from al-Qaeda and IS, to not provide shelter for these groups in the future and to respect the Afghan government and the constitution.

After a war of almost two decades, the United States and the Taliban signed a peace agreement on Saturday. If the conditions are met, all US and NATO forces must be withdrawn from Afghanistan within fourteen months.

According to Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, NATO is behind the deal and the alliance would be ready to withdraw all troops, just like the Americans.

It is also intended that the United States, in cooperation with the Afghan government, release five thousand prisoners. The Taliban sets a thousand prisoners free.

On February 21, the US and Taliban made agreements about “less violence” in Afghanistan. At that time there was no truce.

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