Trump urges to test and use hydroxychloroquine

Bureaucratic process make approval the matter of years, maybe decades

At a press conference on the night from Sunday to Monday (local time), Trump admitted that he is not an expert on virus control, but that he has a “gut feeling” that will catch hydroxychloroquine. The drug is normally used to fight malaria.

The president made his statements in the presence of two health experts, who have refused to defend his statements, the New York Times writes. When one of them, head of infection control Anthony Fauci, was asked to respond, Trump did not allow it.

The effect of hydroxychloroquine has yet to be proven, but according to Trump, there are “very strong signals” that the drug has potential. Experts point out that those data are very limited and more research is needed because otherwise Americans are exposed to unnecessary health risks.

Patients without heart problems should combine hydroxychloroquine with a known type of antibiotic, CNN writes based on statements by the President. Doctors, nurses and other care providers should take the drug preventively so as not to get sick. “There are no negative side effects,” said Trump.

The US president says he does not want to wait for further research, because he sees residents of his country die every day from the consequences of the corona virus.

“I don’t want to wait a year and a half for more research. If it doesn’t work, it won’t work.”

Trump told journalists that the drug was allegedly approved by the United States Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (FDA) in the fight against coronavirus. According to American media, that is not correct and the FDA has not yet issued an official statement.

The U.S. government continues to support research into hydroxychloroquine. In the city of Detroit, the drug is being tested by using it on three thousand patients from a local hospital, said Vice President Mike Pence. Results are included in a broader study.

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