Boeing plans to cut 16,000 jobs

The American group wants to have the job reduction implemented initially through natural attrition or through layoffs, but with financial compensation. If there really is no other option, people are simply fired. No final decisions have been made and are not expected in the short term.

The redundancies are expected to be mainly in Boeing’s commercial arm, which sells aircraft. That component came under pressure due to the collapse in demand for airplanes, after a massive dropout of flights due to the pandemic.

Last week, Boeing gave its employees the opportunity to leave on their own initiative. They also received certain compensation for this. It was not yet clear how many personnel this would apply to. Boeing expected several thousand to take advantage of this offer.

Boeing is not yet in line for government bonds, which are part of the US aid package. One of the conditions for this is that a company will hold on to at least 90 percent of its staff until the end of September.

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