At least 16 victims in Canada’s deadliest shooting ever

Portapique shooter's motive is unknown

An armed man shot and killed more than sixteen people, including a police officer, during a twelve-hour manhunt in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia during the night from Saturday to Sunday. Police speak of the “deadliest shooting in Canada ever”.

The 51-year-old gunman himself was also killed. Canadian news channel CTV writes that the shooter was shot by the police, but the authorities did not want to confirm this on Sunday.

The man is said to have started shooting in the Canadian city of Portapique on Saturday evening. The local police asked residents of the city to stay inside during the manhunt of the perpetrator. The shooter is said to have worn a police uniform for some time during the shootings.

Authorities say the shooter killed several locations in Nova Scotia. Which locations these are has not been announced. Also, the exact number of victims has yet to be determined.

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