Trump wants to temporarily suspend all immigration to the US

US President Donald Trump wants to temporarily suspend all immigration to the United States because of the corona virus. He will sign a presidential decree for this, he says on Twitter on Monday.

“In light of the attack by the ‘invisible enemy’ and the need to protect the jobs of our great American citizens, I will sign a decree to temporarily suspend immigration to the United States,” the president tweeted.

Trump has not yet explained the new rule. It is also not yet clear how long the measure will remain in force.

An anonymous source tells NBC News that adjustment has been under consideration for some time. According to the source, the President can sign the decree at the earliest this week.

It is not yet predictable whether the decree will also immediately lead to an immigration stop. In 2017, Trump decided by decree to impose an entry ban on citizens from mainly Islamist countries. Federal judges initially blocked this decision, but eventually that ban came in an adapted form.

However, the corona crisis seems to give Trump more room to maneuver. To counteract the spread of the virus, he successfully imposed restrictions on travelers from specific areas. In January, travelers from China were no longer welcome and in March it was decided not to allow flights from 28 European countries.

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