Wild speculation about health of North Korean Kim Jong-un

South Korean media reported earlier this week that Kim is struggling with his health after medical treatment for cardiovascular disease on April 12. He would have been last seen publicly the day before. But the office of the President of South Korea reported that there is no evidence that Kim is seriously ill. President Trump also said he does not believe that Kim is doing badly: the American leader labeled a report by CNN as fake.

Wednesday was the first sign of life from the North Korean leader. State news agency KNCA said Kim thanked Syrian President Assad for his congratulations on a national holiday. The state media had hitherto remained silent after fierce speculation about Kim’s deteriorating health condition. Should Kim really have gone, the authorities would probably want to keep it quiet for as long as possible to avoid unrest among the population.

China has sent a team of medical experts to North Korea to advise on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. That says three insiders to news agency Reuters. The journey of Chinese officials and doctors comes as conflicting reports of the little dictator’s health circulate.

According to the sources Reuters cites, the delegation that has traveled to North Korea is led by a senior member of the International Communist Party’s Liaison Office. This agency is the main Chinese body dealing with the neighboring country.

The Liaison Office was unreachable and the Chinese Foreign Ministry has not yet responded to a request from Reuters for comment.

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