Amazon negotiating Zoox takeover to boost automation

Technology giant Amazon is discussing a takeover of the American start-up Zoox, which is engaged in technology for self-driving cars. Sources reported that. With this acquisition, Amazon would further focus on automating distribution processes.

Zoox is said to be worth over $1 billion. Other companies would also be interested in the California company founded in 2014. During an investment round in 2018, Zoox was still valued at more than $ 3 billion, but due to the corona crisis, that valuation has had a significant blow. Zoox has a fleet of test vehicles in San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Amazon is automating its e-commerce activities, with robots in distribution centers, for example. But parcel deliverers remain a high cost for the company, and autonomous driving can help reduce these costs. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced in 2013 that he wants to deliver packages via drones, but this is not yet happening on a large scale.

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