Donate a ‘gingerbread cookie’ for Sasha Arkhipov

The time is running out

A large “Tula gingerbread cookie” for $1.5 million can receive a two-year-old boy as a birthday present
Today, on the birthday of Sasha Arkhipov, the site “Tula gingerbread cookie for Sasha” has appeared. The purpose of the site is to help the baby survive!

Everyone can give the baby at least one piece of the virtual “Tula gingerbread cookie”.

One piece of gingerbread cookie – $ 1. The number of pieces of gingerbread that you want to give to Sasha is unlimited. Any amount of contribution is priceless! Join us now! Let’s save life to a child together. To save one life is to save the whole world!

The organizers of the site will enter the name of your child or any other entity you specify (name of organization). By clicking on the name you can see the photo or a link to the specified account account of the person who gave Sasha hope.

On June 4, Sasha Arkhipov turned two years old. He has a deadly genetic disease – SMA (spinal muscular atrophy). The treatment of this disease requires a huge amount – 2 125 000 dollars for the drug Zolgensma. This drug will help save the baby from death. And he needs only one injection! Currently, 517 thousand dollars have already been raised.

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