Stadia can now be used on all Android phones

Google’s game streaming service Stadia can now be used on all Android devices. Until now you needed a specific device.

That made the search giant known on the Stadia forum. Not every device is officially supported, but users can check the app to make the streaming service work. According to Google, this is an experimental function.

Until today, Stadia only worked on a handful of supported devices, including Pixel phones and smartphones from OnePlus, Samsung, Asus and Razer. This list of officially supported devices has also been expanded today with all OnePlus phones from the OnePlus 5.

The Stadia app now also has virtual buttons on the screen. This allows you to control games without having to connect a separate gamepad.

Google introduced its game service Stadia late last year. Users do not need a game console, but stream the game’s screen from a data center to a device. You can do that to a supported smartphone, or to a Chrome browser screen or a Chromecast Ultra.

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