Biggest single-day increase in COVID-19 registered

In the United States, the corona virus still seems anything but in decline. Yesterday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, 37,077 registered infections were added, the highest number in one day since the virus outbreak in the US.

One of the hardest hit states now is Texas. The governor has therefore postponed the planned easing of the corona measures. Operations in several Texas hospitals are also being canceled to free up beds for corona patients.

In more than ten other US states, the number of infections has also increased this week, including Alabama, Arizona, Florida and California. The virus appears to be spreading more in the south and west of the US, after New York was previously the main source of infection.

Crucial development in the coming weeks

The virus has been diagnosed in 2.3 million people in the US, but the US public health institution CDC reports to news agency AP that the actual number of infections is estimated to be ten times higher. That would mean about 6 percent of the U.S. population has had the virus.

Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government’s medical adviser, was worried earlier this week about the increase, saying that fighting will become crucial in some states in the coming weeks.

The Trump administration, which wants to ease many of the corona measures as soon as possible, says that the contamination are very local and that there is therefore no reason for national panic.

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