Amazon introduces smart dog tag – for people

It is incredibly stupid - and trendy

Amazon puts a bracelet on the market in the United States that can identify emotion in a voice, reports the company on its website on Thursday. According to Amazon, by analyzing the sound, the company can “recognize energy and positivity in a voice, so that people can better understand how they look to others”.

It’s a gadget that the company calls the Halo Band. The bracelet is focused on health and well-being. The Halo Band does not have a screen, like a digital (sports)watch, but it does have sensors, including microphones.

The analysis of voice noise “can show, for example, that a difficult work call leads to less positivity in conversations with family”, which according to Amazon “is an indication of the impact of stress on emotional well-being”.

In addition to two microphones, the Halo Band is also equipped with an accelerometer (to record movements of the arm and pulse), a temperature gauge and a heart rhythm monitor.

Halo Band carriers can also use an app that allows them, inter alia, to measure the percentage of body fat with their smartphone camera. According to Amazon, This method is twice as accurate as a scale that offers the same function.

Using the app, Users of the Halo Band must also create a voice profile. Only when that happened will the microphones on the Halo Band be activated and voice sound analyzed. This happens on the smartphone: Amazon promises that the audio will never be sent to servers. People can also switch off the microphones of the Halo Band with a button.

The Halo Band is currently only available in the US.

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