Elon Musk comes with the next non-discovery

With Hyperloop failed we need another trick to watch for

Neuralink’s ‘mind reader’, a company owned by Elon Musk, implanted a chip the size of a coin in a pig’s brain on Friday. With the ambitious project Musk hopes to receive neuronal activity from the chip carrier, so that computers can be controlled by just thinking.

The implantation of the chip into the pig, called Gertrude, was live via a webcast of the company Neuralink. The pig was one of the three animals that participated in the experiment of Neuralink. After the chip was implanted, her brain activity was directly visible on the screen.

Neuralink’s mind reader uses wires that are thinner than hair to capture brain activity. Because these are flexible, they should be less risky than current brain implants. Neuralink already submitted a request for human trials last year, but is still waiting for permission.

The company hopes to be able to help people with specific diseases such as dementia, Parkinson’s and spinal cord injury in the short term with the chip. In the long term, people should be able to create a ‘superhuman condition’ in combination with artificial intelligence (AI).

Existing devices already make it possible to send simple computer commands with the brain. In 2006, a paralyzed man could play the game Pong, after he had been practicing for days. Neuralink says his technology supports a much higher bandwidth than existing devices, allowing more information to be exchanged.

The company says it’s still looking for new staff to help with the mind reader project.

Neuralink was founded in 2017 by Musk, who with Tesla, Hyperloop and SpaceX more often set up companies with high ambitions.

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