Delta Air asks Airbus for a delay in delivering new planes

Delta Air Lines wants the supply of dozens of new aircraft by aircraft maker Airbus to be postponed to next year. This is now being negotiated with the European aircraft maker, according to sources. A total of at least 40 aircraft would be involved.

At the same time, Delta would like to sell nine aircraft that are about to be delivered directly and then immediately rent them again. With this maneuvre, Delta hopes to raise $750 million. Moreover, the two transactions are separate.

The coronacrisis has put the aviation sector on its knees. People think twice before booking a ticket. In addition, travel restrictions are in the way of companies.

Ed Bastian announced earlier this year the need for cost savings. This would include cuts in the budget for new aircraft. Delta still had $ 14.2 billion in orders outstanding at the end of June.

In the case of aircraft makers such as Airbus and Boeing, the problems are also piling up on aircraft which cannot be delivered. Airbus-boss Guillaume Faury warned of lower prospects. He did not rule out the necessity for Airbus to say goodbye to staff. He also wants to assist airlines wherever possible.

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