Back in the White House: President Trump is alive and kicking

Trump was wearing a mask when he left the hospital on Monday night and walked on his own to a car that took him to the presidential helicopter. The president also got out of the White House helicopter with a mask. He waved, raised his thumb and walked up the stairs to the White House himself. At the doors of the White House, he demonstrably took off his mouthpiece and saluted to the flag of the United States.

Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley said earlier that the president can still transfer the virus, and that he hasn’t fully recovered. The next few days could be a setback. But he also said that Trump fulfilled all the necessary conditions to let him go home. In the White House, he will be monitored 24 hours a day, and continue his treatment.

The president will receive a fifth dose of remdesivir in the White House on Tuesday, his doctors announced on Monday. Trump hasn’t had a fever in over 72 hours. He was given oxygen twice.

Don’t be afraid of it

The president had been at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda since Friday, just outside Washington. Trump told me earlier that he was feeling really good. He reported his followers on Twitter not to be afraid of the coronavirus. “Don’t let it control you. Don’t be afraid of it,” said Trump, after he had taken off his mask in front of the cameras when he arrived at the White House. “I feel better than I did 20 years ago!”

Let’s get back to work. We’re gonna beat it. We have the best medical equipment and the best medicine. And the vaccines are coming any minute.

Several medical experts were immediately critical of Trumps ‘ words. It was emphasised that the virus is indeed a danger at this time. They also pointed out that Trump has received treatment of an exceptional level.

“Most people aren’t as lucky as the president, with a medical unit in the house and access to experimental treatments,” Dr. David Nace of the University of Pittsburgh said to AP news agency.

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