Tech giants abuse their power

It's tech giants after all

Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon, the US technology companies, are abusing their dominant position in the online services market on a large scale. In order to prevent this distortion of competition, a committee of the House of Representatives believes that far-reaching measures are needed. In a long-awaited report, the commission proposes rules which could lead to the forced division of the tech giants.

The commission considers that it has been proven that Facebook and Google have become monopolists in certain markets through illicit practices. Amazon and Apple, according to the researchers, have “significant and persistent market power”, which they have partly enforced by excluding competition.

A major problem, in the commission’s view, is that large tech companies, on the one hand, provide a service to other companies but, at the same time, compete with the same companies. For example, the commission found evidence that Google was using its operating system to collect Android information on apps from other companies, which could again be used for its own copies of those apps. Amazon used data on well-selling products from outside vendors on its platform, and then copied the same products itself.

In order to counter this conflict of interests, the committee of the House of Representatives wants it to be possible to prohibit tech giants from operating in certain markets. If the US Congress eventually adopts this opinion, this could lead to the forced sale of business areas.

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