Regeneron applied for FDA approvement

The drug that cured Donald Trump of COVID is on fast track for approvement

The American pharmaceutical Regeneron has applied to the US Medical Authority FDA for approval for his COVID-19 therapy with synthetic antibodies. The experimental drug was also submitted to American president Donald Trump on Friday at his own request. Trump is full of praise for the treatment.

According to Trump, the drug should be available to all Americans. The president promised soon to sign an order to secure emergency consent for the plea. The president was given a single dose of antibody cocktail. Trump said that after administration, he felt “great” within 24 hours.

Regeneron recently reported preliminary test results on the drug. The cocktail would reduce viral levels in patients. The company says they have enough doses of the cocktail to help 50,000 patients. In the coming months this should be increased to at least 300,000 doses.

Pharmaceutical Eli Lilly previously asked the FDA for approval to use its experimental treatment against the coronavirus in an emergency. That drug would result in fewer hospital admissions in people who have become infected with the virus.

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