Daily record broken: WHO reports 338,779 new COVID-19 cases

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported the largest increase in the number of coronary cases so far. Worldwide, a total of 338,779 people have been diagnosed with the infectious virus in a day.

The number of Coronas are increasing rapidly, especially in Europe. According to the WHO, almost 97,000 infections were added, more than in the United States (38,904), India (78,524) or Brazil (41,906).

The previous record is based on October 2. At that time, according to the organization, 330,340 infections were registered worldwide. The figures of the WHO are lagging behind those of local authorities.

The deadliest day since the beginning of the pandemic was April 17. At that time, 12,393 deaths from the virus were reported worldwide. That was much more than on Thursday, when the WHO reported the death of 5,514 patients.

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