FCC wants clear and strict rules for social media

Twitter suppressed the spread of critical article

The US telecom and media supervisor FCC wants to amend legislation that guarantees social media companies a certain degree of immunity. FCC president Ajit Pai announced this, after repeated insistence by US president Donald Trump to change the rules for companies like Twitter.

The US Telecom Act contains provisions allowing social media companies to delete messages on their platforms, even if they are not illegal. At the same time, they are not liable for messages or videos posted by users.

Pai announced its intention to clarify this legislation, known as Section 230. At present, he considers that the provisions are being interpreted too broadly. Although the FCC president has not yet indicated what he wants to change the legal text, the intervention seems to respond to Trump’s request to weaken the immunity of social media companies.

The US Department of Commerce made this request, at the instigation of Trump, as soon as possible. Trump has been accusing social media companies of bias against him for a long time. This week in the Republican camp there was a lot of fuss about how Twitter blocked the spread of a critical article about Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden. Twitter limited the spread of the New York Post-piece to its own claim that “it was based on hacked material”.

Whether the FCC can change much remains to be seen.

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