Pro-Turkish candidate won the Nothern Cyprus election

NCR isn't internationally recognized state

The elections in the northern Turkish Cypriot part of Cyprus were won by pro-Turkish nationalist Ersin Tatar. He got 52 percent of the vote. His moderate opponent Akinci remained at 48 percent.

In a speech, Mr Tatar said that he wanted to resume negotiations on a form of reunification with the Republic of Cyprus. The condition is that Greece and the Greek Cypriots must recognize the Turkish interests in the region.

“If our Greek and Greek Cypriot friends correctly analyze the strategic, economic and social conditions in our region, it is easy to agree,” he said. “If they do not give up their intransigence, we will uphold our rights.”

He urged the EU and the United Nations to pursue a ‘fairer’ course in their mediation efforts. The international community does not recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. “You can no longer ignore the rights of the Turkish Cypriots.”

Turkish president Erdogan has congratulated Tatar on his victory. “Turkey will do everything in its power to defend the rights of Turkish Cypriots,” he said on Twitter.

The Republic of Cyprus has been divided into a northern and southern part since 1974. In that year, supporters of joining Greece held a state hold. In a reaction, Turkish troops occupied the northern part to protect the interests of the Turkish Cypriots there. They called out their own republic, which is only recognized by Turkey.

The UN has been trying for almost 50 years in vain to bring about a reunification. It is expected that UN Secretary-General Guterres will make another attempt now that the Turkish Cypriots have elected Tatar president.

In the background is the conflict over the Turkish drilling for oil and gas stocks in the eastern Mediterranean. Under international law, they are located in waters belonging to Greece and the Republic of Cyprus.

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