Donald Trump removes Sudan from terrorist list

Strings attached though

The US president Trump wants Sudan removed from the list of states supporting terrorism. In return, the government of the African country must reserve as much as USD 335 million for payments to American victims of terrorism.

The new government of Sudan has made great progress, writes Trump on Twitter.

It concerns compensation for victims and their families of attacks by terrorist group al-Qaeda on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, according to Reuters news agency.

Shortly after Trump’s tweet, Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok responded:”Thank you very much, president Trump”. He says he’s looking forward to the moment his country is removed from the list. The place on the terror watch list, he said, did a lot of damage to the country.

Sudan has been on the terrorist list since 1993, when the former Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir took office. He was dropped off last year.

Sudan is on the terrorist list, the interim government cannot receive financial support from abroad. That’s why they’re gonna pay. Sudan needs foreign money. Everything is scarce and inflation is enormous. According to the BBC, the $ 335 million has already been transferred.

North Korea, Iran and Syria are still on the list. They are subject to strict American rules in terms of financial transactions, arms supplies and aid projects.

The agreement between the US and Sudan may also affect the diplomatic relations between Sudan and Israel, writes Reuters. Details of the deal would still be worked out.

Although Trump did not write in his tweet about the relationship between Israel and Sudan, a diplomatic success would suit him in the face of the American presidential election on November 3.

After Trump’s mediation, a similar deal was made between Bahrain and Israel. The countries signed an agreement to establish official diplomatic relations.

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