A third of voters cast their ballots early

There are already more than the total number of voters who joined the ballot box in 2016, reports CNN on Monday. Then there were 58.3 million. At the time, these voters accounted for 42 percent of all votes cast.

In particular, according to CNN, more young people voted early. Maybe it’s because of the coronacrisis. In the state of New Jersey, the number of early voters increased the most.

There are now nine times more votes than the same period during the election campaign between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton in 2016. It is also popular in Delaware and Virginia.

Among the early voters are president Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. The current president voted “for a guy named Trump” in Florida on Saturday, he said at the polling station. Biden voted in his home state of Indiana on Friday.

A total of 136 million ballots were filled in during the previous presidential election. A few weeks before the start of this election in 2016, six million Americans had voted in advance.

Experts suspect that the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused a significant increase in the number of early voters. These voters would seek alternative voting methods so that they do not have to stand in long rows during the Election Day on 3 november. However, the huge rise of early voters also leads to long queues.

So far, Democrats in particular have voted, according to an election report. It is noted that this does not say much about the final election result, because Republicans can vote in large numbers on Election Day.

In the national polls, the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is about 10 percentage points ahead of the incumbent president. Trump has repeatedly referred to voting by post as risky. He says that the method is easy to cheat, but could not substantiate that claim with evidence.

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