Some social media accounts are exempt from common rules

Facebook would have ignored its own tightened-up rules against fake news, to avoid a situation where Donald Trump jr. could be suspended. That’s what sources tell The Washington Post.

Facebook Instagram, among others, removed a so-called strike from Trump Jr.’s profile. These markings are distributed when an account breaks the rules.

With a certain amount of strikes, a user risks being permanently banned from the platform. Facebook would have prevented this by wiping one strike with the president’s son, despite repeatedly breaking the rules against disinformation.

Sources say Facebook fears criticism. If the company knew a prominent account of a Trump supporting person, the company may be portrayed as biased.

The account of a political action committee that supports Trump would also be protected against the Facebook rules, after several bogus news sharing.
Facebook was under attack

Facebook was under attack earlier this year because the company left a Trump message that triggered violence. Later, messages with fake news from the president were deleted or marked.

The American president has long claimed that tech companies are biased, for example by showing news that is critical of him high in search engines. According to tech giants, this is due to search algorithms that neutrally sort the most relevant news.

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