The results could be delayed for days

Because of the corona epidemic, many more Americans voted early than in previous elections. It is estimated that there are already more than 90 million, a large proportion voted by post. In some states, they cannot be counted until Election Day, i.e. tomorrow. It may take days to find out who the new president of the United States is.

Pennsylvania is one of the states in which mass voting took place by post. They can’t start counting until 7: 00 a.m. on November 3. Because Pennsylvania is an important swing state next to Ohio and Florida, that can have major consequences.

“It could just be coming down to Pennsylvania. And we have only been opening the envelopes with the mail votes in them for at least 24 hours, ” says the head of the Electoral Commission in Bucks County, Robert Harvie. “That may mean we have to wait a long time for the results.”

There has been a political struggle about voting by post. The Republicans with president Trump in the lead constantly point out that this opens the door to fraud. In Pennsylvania, therefore, they have already filed several lawsuits to contain the vote by post. Among other things, it has been prevented from opening envelopes before Election Day.

According to activist Nicolas O’Rourke, the Republicans’ aversion to post-vote is not so difficult to explain: “it is well known that many more Democrats vote by post than Republicans. By raising thresholds, voting may take so long that it is ultimately decided to weigh only the votes cast on the Election Day itself’. How does he feel about that? “That would mean corruption. This violates the right to vote. Every vote has to count, that’s what our Constitution says.”


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