US election race is tight and exciting

The American presidential election is very exciting. All Night Long Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden have been tied up in a neck-and-neck race around the White House. This is what we know so far.

If one thing has become clear on this election night, it is that the struggle for the presidency of the United States is decided in the so-called ‘swing states’. And of these 12 states, of which it was impossible to predict in advance who the majority of the votes would go to, the eyes are traditionally most focused on Florida, which has 29 electoral votes to divide.

At the beginning of the morning it became clear that, according to the predictions, Trump wrote the southern state in his name just like four years ago. Florida is considered crucial for the sitting president to continue to stand a chance of reelection. It was generally assumed that if the southern state had gone to Biden, the Democrats would have been very close to the White House.

Fox News also called swing state Arizona (11 electoral votes), which appears to have been won by Biden. Other American media and press agencies have not yet ventured to a result in this state.

The results in the major battle grounds Pennsylvania (20 electors) and Michigan (16 electors) are likely to be delayed for a while.

So far, there are few surprises in the states that were previously expected to color red (Republican) or blue (Democratic). Trump and Biden are indeed dragging their ‘own’ states in.

Donald Trump has, to date, according to the predictions in his name to: Kentucky, West Virginia, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Indiana, Nebraska, Louisiana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa, Ohio, and Florida. That puts him at 213 electoral votes so far.

Joe Biden, according to the same predictions as mined in Vermont, Virginia, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois, Delaware, Connecticut, New Mexico, New York, New York, the District of Columbia, Colorado, New Hampshire, Washington, Oregon, California and Utah. For the time being, Biden has won 224 electoral votes.

During this election night, too, there has been much to do with the votes cast by post. For example, Trump’s campaign team, through the Nevada State Supreme Court, tried to stop the counting of votes in Clark County, Nevada’s largest district. The president’s team says they have doubts about the accuracy of the technology used to check signatures and the access of election observers, some of whom claim to be kept away from the polling stations.

The Republicans also sued a suburban district near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for having started counting letter votes before that was allowed. In addition, Mike Kelly, a Republican member of the House of Representatives, is suing the state’s highest election officer, who allegedly caused voters who made mistakes in their letter voice to correct those mistakes. Pennsylvania is considered a crucial state in the struggle for the presidency.

Trump has repeatedly announced that he will continue to try to enforce the electoral process as he wishes. For the time being, the main aim of lawsuits is to prevent any relaxation of the rules on voting by letter.

Trump and his Republican Party colleagues claim that voting by post encourages election fraud. Experts disagree.

Because of the coronacrisis, more Americans than ever cast their votes by post. The fact that it was sometimes not allowed to begin until the Election Day itself slows down the counting of the votes enormously. This also applies to some of the swing states that are so important for the results – including Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The results of the American presidential elections could be delayed for hours or even days.

Both Trump and Biden spoke in the early morning. Biden gave a short speech just before 7: 00 in which he thanked his supporters. “We’ll have to be patient. It will not be over until every vote is counted,” says the Democrat.

On the exciting interlude, Biden said, ” it’s not up to me or Trump to determine the outcome, that’s up to the American people.”

President Trump, in turn, responded on Twitter by saying that he has a big head start on his opponent, “but they’re trying to steal the election. We will never allow that,” the president wrote on Twitter. “A great victory!”, Trump added.

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