Pfizer is optimistic on SARSv2 vaccine

The vaccine is 90 percent effective

The SARSv2 Pfizer’s vaccine which is currently in development is 90 percent effective according to the initial results, the pharmaceutical reports on Monday says.

The research results are a lot more positive than estimated by experts.

According to the pharmaceutical, subjects did not receive any serious side effects. Pfizer’s director says he’s very positive. “This is a historic moment,” says director Kathrin Jansen.

However, it is emphasized that more data are needed to ultimately place the vaccine on the market. It’s about preliminary research.

First people may get the vaccine by the end of this year. The first doses are then intended for, for example, people working in hospitals.

The European Union buys vaccines from several pharmaceutical companies. With Pfizer, the exploratory talks have been concluded positively.

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