Arizona confirms Joe Biden as the winner

Arizona is one of the states where the difference between Biden and Trump was not great, or where the president had won last time. Official documents now state that Democrat Joe Biden has won the state in the south-west by more than ten thousand votes. Arizona is considered an important swing state with eleven electors. Trump assumed prior to the election that he would take the win, as he did in 2016.

In Arizona, it has also been confirmed that a Democrat has won a seat in the Senate, one of the two chambers of Parliament. The former astronaut Mark Kelly will now become one of the 48 Democratic senators, against 52 senators from the Republicans of Trump. That Republican majority could change, because the two Senate seats for Georgia will be decided at the beginning of January. A Republican majority in the Senate reduces Biden’s leeway.

Trump’s team, following the loss of the November elections, sued and demanded recounts and controls in several of those crucial states. But attempts to win a second term of office in this way have so far been in vain. However, the current president still insists that there has been fraud in the elections and that he is the right winner.

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