Nicolás Maduro to cement power by winning the elections

The only outcome of the boycott is the loss of opposition

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro claims the victory in parliamentary elections that were held last Sunday. More than 67 percent of the vote would have gone to Maduro’s Socialist Party PSUV. Dozens of opposition parties, including the self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ Juan Guaidó, announced earlier that they would boycott the elections. The boycott wasn’t widely supported by population.

The parties say in advance that Maduro is manipulating the election. For the same reason they did not vote in 2018. The United States and the European Union also fear that the elections in Venezuela were ‘unfair’.

“These election results, the illegitimate Maduro regime does not reflect the wishes of the Venezuelan people,” said the American secretary of state, and Mike Pompeo.

On the basis of the election results, the opposition loses the majority in the Asamblea Nacional, the Venezuelan parliament. Maduro had already sidelined Parliament because his party did not have a majority. There were 277 seats to be filled in the elections, 110 more than before.

The loss of the majority in Parliament further weakens Guaidó’s position. The opposition leader declared himself interim president in January 2019. He is supported by more than 60 countries. Since then, Guaidó’s party has made little progress.

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