Hackers got hacked

FireEye lost source codes for advanced hacking methods

FireEye, one of the largest internet security companies in the United States, has been “robbed of a series of hacking methods”. That’s what CEO Kevin Mandia writes in a company blog post. The methods were usually used to test the security of customers internally.

According to the CEO, this is a highly sophisticated operation, possibly carried out by the government of a country. In addition to the theft of the hacking methods, the hackers also seemed interested in the data of government agencies that are clients of FireEye, according to Mandia. It’s not clear when the hack took place exactly.

There’s still no evidence that the stolen hacking methods have been used, or that customer records have been stolen. It is also unclear whether the hackers intend to use or disclose the methods. But the investigation that the FBI and Microsoft are involved in is only in the early stages, writes the top man.

FireEye used the hacking methods to detect vulnerabilities in common software. Mandia stresses that these are vulnerabilities that are already known.

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