Red states join Texas in Supreme court case

After Texas, 17 more American States come to the aid of president Trump in his efforts to turn his nationwide electoral defeat into a victory.

The states say they support Texas in the course of the Washington Supreme Court, reported American media on Wednesday. It’s about states where Trump got the most votes. Trump himself also joins the step in his “personal capacity as a candidate for re-election.”

The Texas justice minister filed a case against four states where Trumps won challenger Biden, but Trump triumphed four years ago. According to Texas, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin went wrong because they changed the election procedures. That would have been illegal.

The supreme court is not required to deal with the complaint. Critics call the move of Texas “an attack on democracy” and a political stunt.

Trump believes he was robbed of his victory by election fraud. A lot went wrong, he claims, especially in the letter vote and the automatic counting of the votes, without any proof. All the legal proceedings on this were therefore unsuccessful.

The Texas move is considered one of the last attempts to avert Trump’s defeat. On Monday, a federal electoral college must appoint the final winner, but that is also what Texas wants to avoid by pleading for postponement.

In the meantime, U.S. Justice has begun an investigation into the tax cases of Hunter Biden, son of the upcoming American president.

Biden’s son is convinced that a “professional and objective assessment” will show that he has handled his affairs in a legal and appropriate manner, including “with the help of professional tax advisors.”

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