Starbucks abandons the happy hours to prevent excessive risk of COVID infection

Starbucks abandons its happy hours. In this way the company aims to prevent large crowds at the shops and reduce the risk of contamination of customers and staff, according to an internal memo to the staff.

Starbucks had regular happy hours in the past, in which customers could get two products for the price of one. This led to more crowds at times when it was normally quieter, for example in the afternoon and evening hours. It also helped keep sales up when many people worked at home during the lockdown.

For December 17 and January 7, the company had also planned happy hours in the USA, but this is now over, after the discount operation had already been cancelled on December 1.

Research has shown that the happy hours Starbucks are not making any progress. According to advertising platform inMarket, the number of visits during the discount actions in the last quarter of 2018 was just 11 percent higher than usual.

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