Tesla tries to be competitive against rivals in China

Among other things, Tesla is competitive with rivals on the major Chinese car market. The automaker starts deliveries of his new SUV from the factory in Shanghai later this month. The price of the vehicle is lower than the sporty off-road vehicles of many competitors.

Tesla in China has an off-price to the Y-SUV model of 339,000 yuan, converted almost 43,000 euros, according to Tesla China. According to Tesla-boss Elon Musk, the car has the potential to surpass the sales of all the other Tesla’s.

Tesla also launched a modified Model 3 sedan. It is for sale at a discount price of 249,900 yuan, with no account being taken of any subsidies. Model 3 is eligible for Chinese subsidies for electric driving. The Model Y is not eligible for subsidy.

China is the most important market for Tesla after the United States. Last year the automaker sold a total of 120,000 vehicles in the country. The automaker is still increasing its production in Shanghai. Even so, rivals are catching up.

Tesla also faces competition from local automakers such as Nio, Xpeng and Li Auto. They have the support of public institutions and internet access. In doing so, the vehicles are gaining popularity. The electric SUV of Nio is available from 368,000 yuan.

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