Riot in Ireland about blasphemous satire in which God is a rapist

Irish public service television has always apologized for a very short satirical clip showing how God is being treated for raping roads. “God is the last figure to be subdued in the wave of days of sexual harassment,” says a news anchor while images show how the father is arrested. He protested with the words “it was two years ago”. The newsreader tells: “the 5 million-year-old text was written from the self opened to a young migrant from the Middle East and made her pregnant against her will in truth, before he was changed to two years with the last 24 months ahead.”

The video was sent out as part of the New Year’s show and the next day Eamon Martin described it as blasphemous. The clergyman demanded that the clip be removed immediately and rejected “by all people of goodwill”. The clip is interesting for all Catholics and Christians, he tweeted angrily.

The public service broadcaster did not comply with the demand for removal of the clip, reports The Journal. According to the organization of infidels Atheist Ireland, this is justified because in 2018 the Irish people voted en masse to abolish the blasphemy ban by referendum. “People have rights, their faith does not,” said a spokesman who states that criticizing religion should be as acceptable as criticizing secular ideas. He pointed out that in the Bible there are all stories about killing innocent people who are as offensive to people of Good Will as the Archbishop finds the clip.

According to the atheists, there is something that needs to be removed, namely the so-called Angelus, a minute-long meditative clip that Irish public service television broadcasts on radio and television every day.

“That’s free advertising for the Catholic Church.”

The satire was created by the Waterford Whispers News website. In the past, the newscaster was also the host of RTE News.

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