Now you can have your gender-neutral Potato

No, really, you'll like it

Toy manufacturer Hasbro will also make the toy Mr. Potato Head gender neutral. The toy in the form of a plastic potato that can insert all kinds of loose parts such as a nose, ears, eyes, glasses and a mustache, loses its title and continues as Potato Head through life. The toy is known from the movie series Toy Story in which it, in the form of a couple, has an important supporting role.

The move does not mean that the company will no longer sell male and female Potato Heads. There will be a family set with two adult potatoes and one baby potato. In addition, the potatoes are given 42 accessories with which children can decide for themselves what sex the parents belong to.

Hasbro has been making Mr. Potato Head since 1952 and has made adjustments before. Until 1987, the plastic potato had a pipe as an accessory, but it was removed to avoid encouraging smoking. In 1992, Hasbro adapted the life story of Mr. Potato Head.

Hasbro will also produce Potato Head in a more sustainable way. The potato is made of plastic on a vegetable basis and the toy also gets less plastic in the packaging.

Toy makers have been trying to appeal to a larger audience in recent years. For example, Hasbro’s competitor Mattel saw sales of his Barbie dolls rise when it brought models with different skin colors and body types to market. Hasbro said that the changes were prompted because consumers want to recognize their values in the toys they give their children.

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