Russia sues social network for endorsing minors to take part in the protests

The Russian authorities are suing five major social media platforms. According to them, the networks have allowed messages urging children to participate in illegal protests.

The platforms accused are Facebook, Google, Telegram, TikTok and Twitter, reports the court. If it turns out that the companies have indeed broken the rules, they can get a fine of 4 million rubles (about 45,000 euros). For those companies it has rather a symbolic meaning, but the repeating offense will be punished with more severity.

In January, tens of thousands of people across dozens of Russian cities protested the decision to put A. Navalny in jail. The protests were banned and the police acted harshly. Thousands of people were arrested, most of them were released quickly.

According to the Russian authorities, children were also encouraged to participate in the protest, mainly through social media. The court did not immediately disclose the evidence.

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