China joins a line of nations worried about deep fake video technologies

Chinese authorities have asked major technology companies to explain the use of so-called deep fakes on their platforms. Regulators from the Asian country have discussed this with eleven tech companies, including Alibaba Group, Tencent and TikTok parent company ByteDance.

Deep fakes are hyper-realistic (if done right), but fake video or audio fragments created with artificial intelligence. For example, Makers can make famous people say or do things that actually never happened. The Chinese digital affairs regulator, together with the Ministry of Public Security, has held talks with the tech companies about potential dangers of the technology, the authorities reported in an official statement.

Beijing, which has always applied strict online censorship, has been putting more pressure on large internet companies from home soil in recent months. The government says it is concerned about the excessive power of groups such as Alibaba and Tencent and is also tightening control over their financial services.

As it turns out, the authorities also fear social unrest due to new apps or technology. They have also instructed tech companies to assess for themselves the safety of new functions or messaging services that “can set Society in motion”.

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