Arkansas bans sex change surgeries on children

Arkansas is the first U.S. State to prohibit treatments and operations for its underage transgender residents. The governor of Arkansas had used his veto to block the controversial law, but a Republican majority in the state’s parliament has now rejected that veto.

The majority needed to reject the veto was simply achieved. In the House 72 MPs voted for and 25 against, in the Senate 25 against 8. The law will not enter into force until the end of July at the earliest. The Civil Rights Movement American Civil Liberties Union has already said that it intends to fight the measure for that time.

By law, doctors can no longer operate or treat transgender young people under the age of 18 with, for example, hormones and puberty inhibitors. Governor Asa Hutchinson called the law “too broad and extreme”. He described the proposal as a” product of the culture war in the US ” and advocated more tolerance.

According to Hutchinson, the law would create a” new standard “when it comes to interference in the authority of doctors and parents”who deal with one of the most complex and sensitive issues of young people”.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, the largest organization that advocates LGBTI rights in America, more than 100 bills have been tabled in the US aimed at the transgender community. Similar legislation on Prohibition of treatment as in Arkansas is being considered in at least 20 states.

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