Microsoft is obliged to store European data locally

Or is it? Not so fast: the corporation will hide the option behind a wall of papers

As of next year, European Microsoft users should be able to choose to only store data in the European Union, reports the tech giant in a blog on Thursday. Today, data is often still stored in the United States.

According to Microsoft director Brad Smith, This is a new step for the company to”meet the requirements of EU data protection law”.

Currently, data often disappears to the United States, out of sight of the data owner. This has been criticized for a long time, including by politicians and supervisors. They are not sure what happens to their data there. In Europe we have the privacy law GDPR, but in the United States different rules apply.

Microsoft reports that the commitment applies to both companies and public services. It covers all the company’s cloud services: Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. The tech giant has already started the work and hopes to finish it by the end of next year.

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