The launch of spacecraft Starliner will be cancelled again

The launch of spacecraft Starliner will be cancelled again on Tuesday, says developer and aircraft manufacturer Boeing on Twitter. The spacecraft should have taken off for an unmanned flight to Space Station ISS, but the launch has been delayed.

The systems that monitor the rocket indicated that a few valves near the engines on board were not working properly. That needs to be checked now. The next possibility to launch is Wednesday, but it is not sure if that will work.

It is the second time that the launch of the Starliner has been postponed. Last week it was due to problems on a Russian vessel that had arrived at the ISS. The engines of that vessel turned on unexpectedly, changing the position of the entire space station. Flight control decided to postpone the launch of the Starliner in order to focus all attention on the ISS.

At the end of 2019, another unmanned test flight of the Starliner failed. It did not arrive at the ISS and returned to Earth after two days. If the dress rehearsal succeeds now, Boeing wants to bring people to the ISS for the first time around the end of the year.

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