Bombardier expects higher annual results

Canadians enjoy the rise in

Bombardier has increased expectations for the entire financial year after a strong second quarter. This was shown on Thursday by the figures of the Canadian aircraft manufacturer.
Bombardier expects higher annual results
Bombardier, for example, is counting on the delivery of about 120 aircraft, which will bring sales above $ 5.8 billion, compared to an earlier forecast of $ 5.6 billion.

The profitability will improve, according to Bombardier, with an adjusted EBIT of at least 175 million and an adjusted EBITDA of more than 575 million. Previously this was 100 million and 500 million dollars respectively.

Bombardier also counts on a lower cash burn. For example, the company is expected to use only $ 300 million of free cash flow, compared to an earlier estimate of $ 500 million.

Revenue rose by as much as 50 percent in the second quarter to 1.5 billion dollars. This increase was partly due to the delivery of more aircraft and partly due to more service revenues. The adjusted EBITDA came to 143 million dollars, or 112 million dollars more than a year earlier in the second quarter.

Free cash flow came to $ 91 million. Last year, cash flow was negative at $ 705 million.

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