Mexico stops most of the would-be dreamers from coming to the US

At least 46 migrants died before reaching US border

This year, at least 46 migrants on their way to the United States have died in Mexico. That is what the Mexican migration authority (INM) said on Monday.

46 bodies of migrants were found between January and August. Among them also one child, according to the INM. Half of the victims could not yet be identified due to a lack of documents.

Most of them, 22 people drowned in the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande), which is in the difficult terrain of the border between Mexico and the U.S. state of Texas. Other known causes of death include, among others, from a train or from buildings, physical violence, malnutrition, alcohol poisoning and dehydration.

In July alone, the US border guard stopped some 213,000 people trying to enter the US illegally from Mexico. It is the largest number in one month in more than twenty years.

Most of the migrants who want to reach the US come from Mexico or one of the Central American countries Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. In the last three countries, poverty, violence and corruption are rampant. Recently, the region was also affected by natural disasters. Most of the people do not reach the American border, but are stopped by Mexican soldiers and sent back.

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