Donald Trump plans to reconquer Twitter

There is no alternatives to it

Former president of the United States Donald Trump wants to force through a federal judge to regain access to his blocked Twitter account, according to documents filed by his lawyers at a court in Miami City.

Trump’s lawyers argue in the request to the court that Twitter “exercises power over the political discourse in the US, which is extremely dangerous for open democratic debate”.

The former president had over 88 million followers on his Twitter account and used the platform as a means of communication.

Early this year, Trump was banned by Twitter and Facebook, claiming to have roused his supporters during the Capitol storm on January 6, 2021. He is therefore no longer welcome on Twitter. Facebook banned him until at least 2023.

The former president also believes that Twitter has unjustly censored him by placing warnings on his posts. Since the November 2020 presidential election, the platform has issued warnings on reports in which Trump has spread inaccuracies, such as the outcome of the elections. The message site pointed out that information in those tweets was “possibly misleading” or “questioned”.

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