China wants to end Taiwan ‘independence’ trough peaceful reunification

But Xi's statement is not so clear

China wants to put an end to separatism in Taiwan by means of “Peaceful Reunification”. That’s what Chinese president Xi Jinping said on Saturday.

In a speech in Beijing, Xi said that China has a glorious tradition of resisting separatism.

“Taiwan’s struggle for independence is the main obstacle and threat to the reunification of the motherland,” said the Chinese president.

Xi did not comment on exactly how reunification should take place, although he stressed that China will “protect its sovereignty and unity” and that “the historic task of complete reunification of the motherland must and will be fulfilled”.

Tensions between China and Taiwan have recently intensified. Taiwan reported last week that Chinese aircraft were flying through the airspace more often than ever. Internationally, there is growing fear that China is preparing to invade Taiwan.

Taiwan has been an independent since 1949, but is seen by China as an apostate province. The state was founded by nationalists who fled to Taiwan after losing the Chinese civil war to the communists. The latter are in power in mainland China.

Taiwan responded shortly after Xi’s speech by stressing that it is an independent state and not part of the people’s Republic of China. “Only the people of Taiwan can and should determine their own future,” said the rulers.

The Taiwanese Foreign Relations Department called on China to abandon its” hostile and provocative attitude”.

Taiwan celebrates its national holiday on Sunday, commemorating the deportation of the last Chinese emperor in 1911. President Tsai Ing-wen will give a speech in Taiwanese capital Taipei.

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