Facebook has settled the discrimination of Americans case for a mere $4.8M

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Facebook has settled with the US government for alleged discrimination against job seekers. The company is said to have reserved thousands of jobs for foreigners who could work with a temporary work visa in the US. With a fine of 14.3 million dollars, the company prevents prosecution.

The US Department of Justice sued Facebook in December, claiming that the company actively discouraged Americans from applying for certain positions. These jobs were reserved for foreign candidates who could work for Facebook via a so-called H-1B work visa. The US provides these visas to highly skilled workers with highly specialized knowledge.

The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Department calls the settlement historic. It would be the highest fine ever imposed by this department. Of the amount, just under $ 4.8 million is intended as fine. The remaining $ 9.5 million goes to people who are said to have been victimized by Facebook’s human resources policy.

“Facebook is not above the law and must comply with all federal civil rights laws that prevent discrimination in recruiting and hiring,” States District Attorney Kristen Clarke.

Facebook, on the other hand, believes that everything went according to the rules. The company, which also owns WhatsApp and Instagram, wanted to avoid a lengthy legal battle by settling.

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