Israeli photographed as much Palestinians as they can

Cheers! Now it is part of AI surveillance network

The Israeli army uses facial recognition to monitor Palestinians in the West Bank. It would be an extensive network using smartphones and surveillance cameras, according to former soldiers of the Israeli army to the Washington Post.

With the use of smartphone cameras, the army has created a large database containing many images of Palestinians. Soldiers would have gone out into the street to photograph their faces.

The database would also contain data of children and the elderly. The exact amount of data involved is unclear. The former military speak of at least thousands of profiles.

If the system detects a Palestinian who, according to the army, should be persecuted or arrested, the military immediately takes action. Soldiers who work with facial recognition are immediately shown what should happen to someone after the face has been scanned. They use smartphones for this.

In any case, the Palestinians would also be monitored with cameras in Hebron. In this way, the Israeli army could identify Palestinians before they legitimize themselves. Also, the army could look into Palestinian homes with the cameras.

The Washington Post describes the surveillance program based on interviews with two former Israeli soldiers. Information was also reported to have come from military documents they shared with the American newspaper. Other fired soldiers confirm the information.

In 2019, camera surveillance on the West Bank was also the subject of discussion. At the time, it was revealed that Israel was following Palestinians with cameras and keeping track of where people were going. During border checks with Israel, facial recognition would also be used to track who crossed the border.

In response to the news of the American newspaper, The Israeli army announced that they are conducting “routine operations” to counter terrorism and make the region more liveable. A former soldier speaks to the newspaper of a major violation of privacy.

The West Bank is part of the Palestinian Territories. The UN has declared Israeli settlements in the area illegal.

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