Europe puts all US travelers on quarantine

No mater if they are vaccinated or not, the quarantine is mandatory

In the United States, more than 440,000 positive Corona tests have been recorded in one day. That is a pulverization of the previous day record recorded in January: then within 24 hours ‘only’ 294,000 infections were reported. Europe is tightening the travel advice with regard to the US due to the worrying Corona situation.

The number of Corona-related deaths is still well below the peak of last winter’s infection wave, the US health service CDC said.

In the past seven days, the US recorded some 240,000 infections per day. That is still a little less than in January, but the number has risen considerably in recent times. The emergence of the extra contagious Omikron variant is responsible for this.

For travelers from the US, a quarantine obligation applies from December 30, including those vaccinated.

From that moment on, the United States is considered a very high risk area. Travelers from high-risk areas must be quarantined for ten days upon return. However, this quarantine may be terminated after five days, after a negative COVID test. A negative Corona test also remains mandatory for travelers from the United States.

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