Twitter is a warrior of truth

It is a self-appointer truth contractor

Twitter has permanently deleted the Republican congressman’s private account for repeatedly spreading false information about Covid-19.

”Twitter is an enemy of America.”

It is the first time that Twitter has permanently removed a US congressman from his social networking site. Greene was repeatedly called to the mat in the past for spreading falsehoods on her personal account. Last summer, Marjorie Taylor Greene publicly apologized after comparing the corona measures to the Holocaust. After a fifth time, Twitter decided, in accordance with their terms of use, to permanently deactivate Greene’s account.

A tweet on Greene’s private account, in which she gave a false picture of the number of vaccine deaths, was the straw this time. She communicated on the deleted account with about 465,000 followers. By the way, the Republican still has access to her political account.

Via message app Telegram, Greene responds to her suspension: “Twitter is an enemy of America and cannot deal with the truth. That’s fine, I’ll prove to America that we don’t need them and that it’s time to defeat our enemies.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene sits on the U.S. House of Representatives, where she ranks as a far-right hardliner. The Republican is a staunch supporter of former president Donald Trump. She is therefore strongly convinced that Joe Biden falsified the 2020 election.

Greene is a much discussed figure in the US, because she openly adheres to various conspiracy theories. In addition to her criticism of the corona measures, she is a supporter of QAnon, and believes that the Clintons have committed numerous murders. Greene also shared videos about the “Great Replacement” or white genocide, a theory that states that the white population in Europe and the US is being replaced en masse through mass immigration.

Because of her extremism, Greene sows division within her own party. Several Republicans have turned against Greene for her radical statements. Republican heavyweight Mitch McConnell described her belief in conspiracy theories as a “cancer for the party”.

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