The season for ALT-talents is open: Tesla is sued for ‘segregation’

Racist jokes, insulting comments and preferential treatment for non-black people; it would be rife at the Tesla factory in Fremont. This is according to an organization that stands up for the interests of citizens on behalf of the American state of California.

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has filed suit against the electric car manufacturer, accusing the company of racial segregation. Earlier this week it was revealed that the charges were coming, but details about the exact content of the charges had not yet been communicated.

Agency Director Kevin Fish reports in the indictment that black employees at the plant were regularly confronted with deeply offensive racist comments and racist jokes by colleagues and managers at the plant in question.

The DFEH claims to have found evidence that the factory is a racially segregated workplace, where black employees are discriminated against in allocating jobs, pay and promotion. “The facts in this case speak for themselves,” said Fish who indicated that the agency has received hundreds of complaints from workers at the plant.

Prior to the indictment, Tesla issued a statement stating that the company is “against all forms of discrimination and harassment” and that it is committed to “providing a workplace that is safe, respectful, fair and inclusive”.

However, excerpts from the indictment, which was filed in a California court, paint a completely different picture. For example, the places in the factory where many black people were stationed were called “plantations” by non-black colleagues. also, non-black workers often received preferential treatment in the factory, including easier jobs.

An employee “heard these racist remarks fifty to a hundred times a day,” according to the DFEH. Also, non-black workers with racist tattoos of the Confederate flag, which is seen as a symbol of slavery, would show them to black workers in order to intimidate them.

The company of billionaire Elon Musk has been discredited in recent months by several lawsuits for discrimination at the California plant. For example, in december, six women sued the company for a culture of sexual harassment.

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