The Ambassador Bridge cleared from the blocking vehicles

The Ambassador Bridge, the busiest border crossing between Canada and the United States, has reopened after a blockade of almost a week. Dozens of drivers used their trucks, cars and vans and paralyzed traffic on the bridge in both directions.

Two other border crossings were also blocked. As a result, the flow of goods between Canada and the US came to a standstill.

The blockade was part of a demonstration against the vaccination obligation for truckers crossing the border with the US. In Canada, this Corona measure has been protested since the end of last month.

A quarter of the trade between the two countries runs through the Ambassador Bridge. As a result of the blockade, there were shortages of, for example, car parts. As a result, Fiat Chrysler, Ford and Honda car factories in the American city of Detroit had to shut down production partly or completely.

On Saturday, police began clearing the bridge after a judge ordered the end of the blockades. Most of the protesters decided to leave voluntarily, praising the police officers for their “peaceful and patient actions”.

At least 24 people were arrested on the Canadian side of the border, several trucks were towed away and five vehicles were also seized. Police said no violence was used.

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